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SIA Workshop Early Design Phases - 8 November 2022 - Paris


Challenges and Innovation: Insights from the Workshop on Early Design Phases

In an industry where the expectations for productivity and efficiency are constantly rising, understanding the nuances of early design phases has never been more critical. A recent workshop, attended by automotive giants like STELLANTIS and RENAULT, offered a glimpse into this vital stage.

The Crux of Automotive Development

The early design phase, a mere three-month window, shapes 90% of a car's development. With the current push for efficiency and cost-saving, this phase becomes a hotbed for innovation. The insights shared by Renault’s Vice President, Laurent Mouchet, illuminated how this brief period sets the course for an entire vehicle's life.

STELLANTIS: A Subtle Recognition of MeshWorks

STELLANTIS's presentation offered a glimpse into their concept development and design directly at the FE level, subtly showing how tools like MeshWorks are helping in these early design phases. They even included animations of Full Vehicle Morphing to match new design lines. This quiet acknowledgment emphasizes the critical role of advanced technologies in these pressure-filled stages.
This workshop reflected the automotive industry's relentless pursuit of excellence. It underscored the role of technologies like MeshWorks in driving early design phases, responding to ever-increasing demands for efficiency and innovation.
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