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DEP MeshWorks

DEP MeshWorks

A software developed by CAE engineers for CAE engineers

DEP MeshWorks is a software developed by CAE engineers for CAE engineers. DEP MeshWorks is the reference for morphing and design directly at the FE level for 20+ years

DEP MeshWorks philosophy - Morphing Europe Simulation CAD Design Optimization Modification CAE model

DEP MeshWorks technologies

The software suite DEP MeshWorks presents a large set of features dedicated to the acceleration of product development cycles that can be applied in all areas of the industry (automotive, aerospace, railway, defense, naval, energy, consumer goods, etc).
It contains a meshing engine combining performance and user-friendlyness for an overall gain in productivity. It is a specialized software for rapid concept modeling, automated morphing at FE and CAD level, parameterization and optimization, involving rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation.
DEP MeshWorks is offering to the CAE engineers a variety of technologies, among those listed below:

The perfect CAE tool allowing drastic time savings in product development

Historically designed for the automotive industry, DEP MeshWorks is now for years a versatile software that meets the requirements of various industries and type of analysis. Thanks to its core morphing and automatic algorithm capabilities, the software is fitting well with advanced and specialized workflows as well as "standard" workflows.
DEP MeshWorks is an optimization enabler of any product design. With DEP MeshWorks, engineers can dramatically improve productivity and reduce time-to-market of their products.

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