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DEP MeshWorks Europe Training Centre

Embark on a learning journey that enhances your expertise, streamlines your CAE workflow, and maximizes ROI.

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Transform Your CAE Expertise

Elevate your design capabilities to new heights with industry-leading training that promises unmatched efficiency and mastery in CAE simulation.

Discover the power of DEP MeshWorks and turn engineering challenges into opportunities for innovation.

Unlock CAE Excellence with DEP MeshWorks Training
At Dynas+ Engineering Products, we understand that the core of innovation lies in the power to optimize. Our DEP MeshWorks training is meticulously designed to empower CAE engineers with unparalleled proficiency in the leading-edge software that's shaping the future of engineering design.


Our mission
More than hundreds of people have already benefited from our expertise and transformed their workflow thanks to our training courses. Our high-quality and certified training courses are designed by several experts, and our pedagogical progression has been thought out to maximize your level up required to achieve your productivity objectives.

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Why Train on DEP MeshWorks?

Efficiency in Learning

Dive into a learning experience crafted for rapid mastery.

Our curriculum is structured to expedite your journey from novice to expert, ensuring that every training session delivers a profound impact on your skills and understanding.

Software Superiority
DEP MeshWorks stands at the zenith of CAE solutions, offering an unmatched blend of sophistication and user-friendliness. Our training sessions showcase the software's robust capabilities in meshing, morphing, and CAE workflow acceleration. 
ROI for Engineers
Investing in DEP MeshWorks training is an investment in your future.
The skills and techniques acquired are not just for immediate project enhancement; they're a career-long asset that will continue to yield returns.

Look at the training catalogue


Training courses "Basics"

  • BAS-01Q DEP MeshWorks Essentials with QUAD Meshing Focus (3 days)
  • BAS-01H DEP MeshWorks Essentials with HEXA Meshing Focus (3 days)
  • BAS-01T DEP MeshWorks Essentials with TETRA Meshing Focus (3 days)
  • BAS-02   DEP MeshWorks Essentials with CFD Meshing Focus (3 days)
  • BAS-03   DEP MeshWorks Essentials: Comprehensive Meshing Techniques (4 days)
  • BAS-04Q Proficient Transition to DEP MeshWorks: Accelerated QUAD Meshing (1 day)
  • BAS-04H Proficient Transition to DEP MeshWorks: Accelerated HEXA Meshing (2 days)
  • BAS-04T Proficient Transition to DEP MeshWorks: Accelerated TETRA Meshing (1 day)

Training courses "Complementary"

  • COMP-01 PRE-Processing: Multi-Solver Integration and Efficient Assembly (0.5 day)
  • COMP-02 POST-Processing Proficiency: Enhancing Design Analysis (0.5 day)
  • COMP-03 Accelerating CAE Workflow: Morphing Techniques (1 day)

Training courses "Advanced"

  • ADV-01 Transformative CAD Morphing workflow (1 day)
  • ADV-02 Efficiency through Process Automation: Streamlining CAE workflows (3 days)
  • ADV-03 Bridging with LS-OPT Software for Optimized Design (0.5 day)

Training courses "Specialist"

  • SPE-01 ConceptWorks – Revolutionizing Sheet Metal Design (1 day)
  • SPE-02 ConceptWorks Plastics – Automated Design Innovations (0.5 day)
  • SPE-03 Full Vehicle Morphing Mastery: Redefining Vehicle Design
  • SPE-04 Advanced Tire HEXA Meshing: Accelerating Tire Design (1 day)
  • SPE-05 Advanced Automated Features for Body, Chassis & Subframe (1 day)
  • SPE-06 Powertrain Engineering: Advanced Automation Techniques (2 days)
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Training Options

INTER-company Training:

Regularly scheduled sessions that foster collaborative learning alongside peers from various organizations. Our comprehensive Training Calendar is your guide to upcoming dates. We’re responsive to demand—additional sessions can be arranged to accommodate your needs.

INTRA-company Training:

Exclusive training events, scheduled flexibly around your team's availability. Conducted on-site at your premises or at our state-of-the-art training centers, these sessions ensure a focused learning environment tailored to your company.

Customized/Specific Training:

Bespoke training designed around your specific requirements. Whether at your location or ours, these sessions are molded to address the unique challenges your engineers face.

Remote Training via Videoconference:

Our commitment to accessibility and convenience is embodied in our remote training options. Engage with our experts in real-time through WebEx, ensuring an interactive, hands-on learning experience that mirrors our in-person excellence.

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Training Schedule

1st semester 2024


2nd semester 2024


Calendar at Glance

One of our experts will contact you to finalize your registration
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Remote Training

Remote training with Dynas+ Engineering Products

In this particular context, Dynas+ Engineering Products decided to facilitate access to its training courses. You can now remotely train on DEP MeshWorks.
Restrict and limit your travel by choosing remote learning! This innovative practice will allow us to keep a precious link with you during this period. In INTER or INTRA-company, interact with the participants and our trainers, who will be pleased to answer your questions.

How does Dynas+ Engineering Products remote learning take place?

  • Our experts follow you in real time via visioconference: exchange, pratice and learn how to use DEP MeshWorks.
  • The programs and objectives remain the same to keep the high quality of each training course...
  • To participate in our training courses, trainees must have a license and DEP MeshWorks installed.

How to register for one of our remote training courses?

  • All the training courses in our catalog are available remotely, make a request in contacting us,
  • One of our experts will contact you to finalize your registration.

Quality process of the training organization

Dynas+ Engineering Products is a training organization, registered under number 73 31 101 35 31, and referenced Datadock. We always enriches its services with its experience as a research and consulting company. The speakers of the training sessions are:

- for 90% technical experts from Dynas+ Engineering Products,
- for 10% technical experts from Detroit Engineered Products.

The trainers are having significant experience in DEP MeshWorks and in the production of training sessions. The names of the trainers provided for each training are indicated in the associated descriptive sheet.

Technical and educational tools

Face-to-face: The training includes a face-to-face class with a paper format documentation, also presented via video projector. In a general manner, it is associated with exercises carried out on a computer (provided by Dynas+ Engineering Products except for the training on customers’ sites) in order to practice and get familiar with the software. An exercise paper book is then also provided. At the end of the training, the trainee can retrieve his digital work.

Videoconference: The training includes a videoconference course accompanied by a password-protected pdf file sent by email beforehand. It is generally accompanied by computer-based exercises to help you get to grips with the software. In this case, a workbook in pdf format is also provided, and the corresponding data is sent via a secure exchange platform. The link to the WebExÒ videoconferencing tool is sent directly to trainees before the start of the training session.

Trainee evaluation methods

The trainee's attendance is controlled by signing an attendance sheet, per half-day of training. In addition, in order to assess his progress, an initial evaluation sheet is filled in by the trainee at the start of the training and a trainer evaluation sheet is completed by the trainer at the end of the training. Under request of the trainee, the latter can receive a training certificate provided that he has fulfilled all his obligations.

Training evaluation methods

Further to each training provided by Dynas+ Engineering Products, the trainees are filling a "Training Assessment Form" allowing Dynas+ Engineering Products to assess the quality of the provided training. An indicator, based on this sheet, makes it possible to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction.

An indicator, based on this sheet, makes it possible to transcribe the level of customer satisfaction. Seven criteria are considered:

- The technical level of the trainer
- The educational level of the trainer
- The quality of the course progression
- The quality of the course material
- The quality of the exercises
- The quality of the equipment
- The quality of the training organization

The training quality indicator score for the last full year (2021) is 3.9/4


Our training offer is accessible to everyone, do not hesitate to send us any specific requests in order to best adapt our training methods. For any information or to register:

Our disability referent is Charlotte Michel:

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