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Our Values

Our Values

Our company is not only defined by its activities, its turnover, its locations... Our company is characterised by our employees, our partners, suppliers, customers and our leaders.

We are focused on the ability and the constant concern of our teams to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers and employees in the field of numerical simulation of physical phenomena.

The values of a company are reflected as a source of energy, motivation and performance because it is by acting in accordance with the values that the employees give their best. 

Values are reflecting the soul of our company. It is the deepest identity of our company and we cannot cheat on it.
Regularity quality proximity technicality team spirit dignity guarantees legality expertise trust dynamics confidentiality
We have implemented a total quality approach to meet the expectations of our customers and employees by committing to four types of actions:

Quality : To ensure the professionalism and skills of our employees, we recruit and train in-house doctors and engineers with in-depth knowledge of our clients' technical fields and businesses. We offer to each of them a customized training plan.

Technicality : Our company values the expertise of each member of the team and promote team spirit by sharing experiences in a transversal way.

Consistency : Our ambition is to become a major player in the market by strengthening our competitiveness.

Proximity : We have strong ethics based on the protection of confidentiality, respect for legality, dignity and individual rights and guarantee a balance between professional and private life for our employees.

These fundamentals support our organization and strategic management of the company.

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