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Revving Up Automotive Innovation: DEP MeshWorks Powers Engine Weight Reduction and Performance Boost

Powertrains, a Top Priority in The Automotive Sector
In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, engineers are continually tasked with the challenge of pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

The key goals? Reduce costs and accelerate processes without compromising performance. At the heart of this quest lies the engine – the powerhouse of every vehicle. Here, we explore how DEP MeshWorks, a cutting-edge CAE software, is revolutionizing engine design to achieve weight reduction and increased frequency performance, driving efficiency and power to new heights.
Optimizing Engine Design for Weight Reduction and Fine-Tuning Frequency Performance

Weight reduction is a Holy Grail in automotive engineering. A lighter engine not only translates into better fuel efficiency but also significantly cuts down production costs. DEP MeshWorks excels in this aspect by offering engineers the tools to optimize engine design, making weight reduction not just a possibility but a practical reality.

Our study revealed that by applying DEP MeshWorks, we can achieve an impressive weight reduction of approximately 11 kilograms in specific engine components. This reduction is a game-changer, providing a substantial advantage in cost savings and overall vehicle performance.

While shedding weight is crucial, enhancing frequency performance is equally paramount. A high-frequency engine performs more efficiently, delivering superior power output. DEP MeshWorks enables engineers to fine-tune engine frequency, pushing the boundaries of performance without the need for extensive redesigns.

In a recent study, DEP MeshWorks allowed us to modify the first global mode frequency from 185 Hz to an impressive 240 Hz. This transformation can be swiftly achieved by making geometry modifications such as adding ribs. This increased frequency empowers the engine to deliver a more powerful and dynamic performance, aligning it perfectly with the demanding expectations of the automotive sector.

DEP MeshWorks isn't limited to engine components alone. It extends its capabilities to hybrid transmissions, 9 and 8-speed transmissions, and the axle. This versatility ensures that engineers have a comprehensive solution to optimize the entire powertrain, enhancing efficiency across the board.

By harnessing the power of DEP MeshWorks, engineers can swiftly modify and optimize various aspects of the engine and powertrain, delivering impressive results and staying ahead of the competition in the fast-paced automotive industry.
Optimize engine design

Driving Innovation with DEP MeshWorks

In the pursuit of cost reduction and accelerated processes, automotive engineers need a partner that understands the intricacies of their challenges. DEP MeshWorks is that partner, offering a technical solution that empowers engineers to achieve remarkable results.

Our study demonstrates that DEP MeshWorks can cut engine weight and boost frequency performance, making it an invaluable tool for automotive engineers. By aligning engine designs with the sector's high standards, DEP MeshWorks ensures that your vehicles are not just cutting-edge but also cost-effective.

As we race towards the future of automotive engineering, DEP MeshWorks stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding engineers towards new horizons of efficiency and power.

If you're a CAE engineer in the automotive industry looking to drive innovation and streamline your processes, DEP MeshWorks is your ultimate solution.

Contact us today to learn how DEP MeshWorks can help you achieve weight reduction and enhance frequency performance in your engine design, leading you towards a brighter and more efficient automotive future.

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