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Discover the efficiency of DEP MeshWorks. As a CAE engineer, you know the value of reliable and swift tools. With our free evaluation license, put our software to the test in your own environment. Explore meshing, modeling, morphing, and automation features trusted across industries.

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Unlock the Potential of DEP MeshWorks


  • Accelerate your product development cycle.
  • Achieve precision in simulations and design decisions.
  • Foster innovation with flexibility in design exploration.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Meshing: Create surface and volumetric meshes quickly from complex CAD data.
  • Flexible Morphing: Adjust existing FE and CFD models to new geometries effortlessly.
  • Smart Optimization: Leverage our comprehensive CAE model parameterization engine across all development stages.
  • CAD Transformation: Optimize and adapt existing CAD data with ease.
  • Workflow Automation: Reduce redundancy and save time by automating workflows.
  • Early Concept Modeling: Create concept FE data quickly with minimal inputs.

What to Expect from your Free Trial

What You'll Achieve:
  • Hands-on Learning: You'll have the chance to navigate DEP MeshWorks' user-friendly interface, allowing you to see how intuitive and efficient our software is.

  • Test Real-Life Applications: Apply DEP MeshWorks to your own projects. You'll get to see how our key features and capabilities can optimize and accelerate your workflows, from rapid meshing to smart optimization.

  • Witness the Benefits: You'll experience firsthand how DEP MeshWorks can drive innovation, enhance precision, and speed up your product development cycle.

  • Community & Support: You'll have access to our supportive community and premium technical support team, who are eager to assist and guide you in maximizing the benefits of DEP MeshWorks during your trial.


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Please describe what you are hoping to achieve with the software

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