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SIA Powertrain - 14-15 June 2023 - Paris


Dynas+ Engineering Products at SIA Powertrain 2023: Accelerating Automotive Engineering with DEP MeshWorks

Dynas+ Engineering Products proudly participated in SIA Powertrain 2023, showcasing DEP MeshWorks, a game-changer for automotive engineers and designers.

Transforming Automotive Design and Engineering with DEP MeshWorks
In an era where efficiency and innovation rule the automotive landscape, our DEP MeshWorks software brings unmatched value:
Why DEP MeshWorks?
Are you looking for a solution that simplifies CAE engineering processes and propels your projects forward? Discover DEP MeshWorks and learn how leading automotive professionals are leveraging our platform.

SIA Powertrain 2023: A Dynamic Collaboration
With over 520 participants, SIA Powertrain 2023 was the perfect platform to demonstrate how Dynas+ Engineering Products is contributing to automotive advancements. Our team engaged with industry leaders and showcased the practical applications of DEP MeshWorks in today's ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Join the Automotive Innovation Journey with Dynas+ Engineering Products
Ready to experience the future of automotive design and simulation? Request a demo of DEP MeshWorks and see firsthand how our technology can empower your projects.
Connect with Dynas+ Engineering Products, and let's drive the automotive industry into the future, together.

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