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Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'Auto) - 20 October 2022 - Paris


Innovation in Motion: A Glimpse into the Future of Engineering at the Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'Auto)

The "Mondial de l'Auto" in Paris is more than just a display of the latest automotive designs. It's a celebration of innovation, creativity, and engineering excellence. This year, DEP Europe had the privilege of being part of this spectacular event, supporting our partner QUARKUS, engaging with industry leaders like HOPIUM, and forging new connections with promising brands like NAM-X. Here's an insider look at this unforgettable day.
QUARKUS - Engineering Brilliance on Wheels:
QUARKUS, a French start-up, captivated visitors with its prototype P1, designed for race enthusiasts yet homologated for the road. A marvel of CAE engineering, the QUARKUS P1 is a blend of LMP2 and LOTUS, delivering 300 HP for just 500 kgs. Its Kawasaki-powered engine, hybridized, and ethanol-run, promises supercar-worthy performance with a 0-100 km/h time of just 3.5 seconds.
As long-time collaborators with QUARKUS, our involvement in their adventure exemplifies our commitment to engineering innovation and support for emerging talent in automotive design.
HOPIUM - The Future of Hydrogen Cars:
Our engagement with HOPIUM allowed us to delve into the technology behind the Hopium Machina. This hydrogen fuel cell sports car, weighing less than two tons and boasting over 500 hp, symbolizes the future of clean energy in automotive engineering.
NAM-X - A Promising Meeting:
Among the highlights was an inspiring encounter with NAM-X, known for their exquisite SUV designed by Pininfarina, powered by a hydrogen engine with a unique rear recharging ability.
Our conversation with NAM-X revealed potential collaboration opportunities. They were keen to explore how MeshWorks could help them reduce vehicle mass and iterate on models quickly.
The "Mondial de l'Auto" was a celebration of engineering brilliance, partnership, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Whether it was experiencing QUARKUS's race-inspired technology, exploring HOPIUM's hydrogen capabilities, or forging new connections with NAM-X, the event was a reminder of the infinite possibilities in automotive engineering.

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