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Introducing DEP MeshWorks 2023: The Future of Engineering Simulation


Unveiling DEP MeshWorks 2023: Transforming Engineering with Enhanced Capabilities and Cutting-edge Modules

We're thrilled to announce the launch of DEP MeshWorks 2023, the latest step in our continuous drive to revolutionize engineering simulation. Packed with significant advancements and user-inspired improvements, this new release is set to optimize your design and simulation workflows like never before.

One of the standout features in DEP MeshWorks 2023 is the innovative Undo/Redo with History functionality. This user-friendly enhancement allows engineers to easily navigate their workflow, returning to any previous step without hesitation. It has already received positive feedback from our internal engineering team and customers, celebrating its contribution to a smoother modelling process.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. DEP MeshWorks 2023 introduces two new specialized modules - the Innovative ROM Module and the Productive Electrification Module. These state-of-the-art additions offer even more depth and versatility to our industry-leading platform.

Additionally, we've significantly upgraded the Concept Works Module in terms of robustness, user-friendliness, and expanded features developed from valuable OEM feedback. We are dedicated to refining our product based on user experience, ensuring our software consistently meets your needs.

And of course, DEP MeshWorks 2023 continues to excel in providing superior CAE/CAD Morphing capabilities. Still unmatched in the industry, our holistic workflow time-saving solutions have seen further enhancements from user feedback, further widening the gap between us and the competition.

As always, DEP MeshWorks 2023 is synonymous with accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. Powered by advanced algorithms, AI/ML technologies, and leading-edge CAE/CAD morphing and concept modeling, it paves the way for faster product development and improved design optimization.

As your trusted distributor of DEP MeshWorks, we're excited to help you explore all that the 2023 release has to offer. Our expert team is ready to provide premium support and training to help you unlock the full potential of these incredible new features.

Ready to experience the future of engineering simulation? Contact us to learn more about DEP MeshWorks 2023 or to request a demo. Let's transform your engineering simulation processes together.

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